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Media: Stevan Harnad Adaptive Function of Lang

Submitter: Gloria Origgi

Submitter Email:
Media Body: Stevan Harnad's paper : "Back to the Oral Tradition through Skywriting
at the Speed of Thought" is on line and open to discussion at the
virtual conference :

>From the origin of human language 100,000 years ago until the
invention of writing 5000 years ago the oral tradition had been the
principal creator, conserver and communicator of human knowledge. Our
brains are biologically adapted to the tempo of oral interaction in
real time. Lapidary writing lost all of that, but soon skywriting will
again catch up with the speed of thought.

A discussion forum is open around the paper until end of March 2003.

Gloria Origgi
46, rue Barraul
75013 Paris

Responsable du projet:

Issue Number: 14.714
Date Posted: March 12, 2003

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