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Media: Des Moines Register: Origin of "Des Moines"

Submitter: Karen Chung

Submitter Email:
Media Body: The 9/14/2003 issue of the Des Moines Register online has an
interesting piece on the possibly scatological origin of the city name
"Des Moines":

Is 'Des Moines' just some dirty joke?
Oh, poo! Our capital's name seems to stem from rival potty mouths.
By Mary Challender

The opening paragraphs:

A linguist specializing in the extinct Miami-Illinois language
says he's come across a funny, 330-year-old story that gives "Des
Moines" new meaning.
And - chamber of commerce-types might want to brace themselves - i
appears we've been punked.
The article mentions in passing the controversy regarding the
origin of "Chicago".

The URL:

Thanks to Laura Lawless of the French site for featuring
this article in her 9/17/03 newsletter.

Karen Steffen Chung

Issue Number: 14.2456
Date Posted: September 16, 2003

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