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Media: BBC Radio: English vs Language Diversity

Submitter: Dominic Watt

Submitter Email:
Media Body: On Saturday 5th October at 10.15pm BBC Radio 4 (92-95FM, 198LW) is
repeating a programme in its series 'The Commission' first broadcas
on Wednesday 2nd October, entitled: 'Superlanguage: is the popularity
of English killing diversity?' A panel of public figures hears
evidence and offers solutions to an issue of current concern.

You can download a recording of the programme from

by clicking on the 'Listen to the last programme to be broadcast'
button, but you will also need to download and install the lates
version of 'RealOne Player' if you don't already have the software on
your PC (this is done automatically if you click on the button, but i
takes a few minutes). The BBC hasn't yet updated the text and graphics
on the page at this address, so if you see a picture of a sperm cell,
don't worry!

Subject-Language: English; Code: ENG

Issue Number: 13.2534
Date Posted: October 04, 2002

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