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Media: ASL/Chimp Ad, Review:Lakoff/Nunez, Review:Film

Submitter: Toby Ayer

Submitter Email:
Media Body: There's an Earthlink TV ad (I saw it last night during
"ER") with a signing chimp. A woman sits opposite the
chimp, talking and signing simultaneously: "Jojo
hungry? Jojo want banana?"

Jojo then signs, while the woman interprets: "Jojo
want ticket back to Uganda."

Jojo screeches with joy.

I don't know ASL, so I can't verify the signing.

Toby Ayer


A Review of 'Where Mathematics Comes From' by George Lakoff and Rafael
Nunez appeared this week in the SciTech section of the
website at:

The review contrasts the the content of the book with folk views of
mathematics as encountered in the recent film 'A Beautiful Mind'.

Jess Tauber


A review of the all Inuit language film 'Atanarjuat', which opened
recently in Great Britain, can be found a

Briefly mentioned on the live BBC news (Fri. Feb 1), the film has
apparently opened to rave reviews.

The film's own webpage is a

According to the information there it will open in the US in June.

Jess Tauber

Issue Number: 13.275
Date Posted: February 01, 2002

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