Anthony Manuel Rodrigues Aristar
Professor of Linguistics
Director, Institute for Language and Information Technology
Moderator, LINGUIST



Office phone
Eastern Michigan University
College of Arts & Sciences
Dept. of English
Linguistics Program
Institute for Language and Internet Technology
2000 Huron River Drive
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 487 0144
(734) 482 0132


  • Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin, 1984.
  • Major: Linguistics.
  • Dissertation: On the Syntactic Incorporation of Linguistic Units.
  • A.M.: University of Chicago, 1982.
  • Major: Comparative Semitic, Linguistics.
  • B.A. (Hons): University of Melbourne 1978.
  • Major: Middle Eastern Studies (1st Class Honours), Arabic (1st Class Honours).
  • Born: Cape Town, South Africa, 1948.

  • Grants and Awards:

    National Science Foundation Grant for Collaborative Research on LEGO: Lexicon Enhancement via the GOLD Ontology.  (BCS-0753321:  $636,443).  2008-2011.

    National Science Foundation Grant for Collaborative Research on Implementing the GOLD Community of Practice: Laying the Foundations for a Linguistics Cyberinfrastructure.  (BCS 0720122:  $99,023.00).  2007-2009.

    National Science Foundation Grant for Multi-Tree: A Digital Library of Language Relationships  Grant to develop a web-accessible database of language families and language relationships.  (BCS 04040000:  $489,000). 2005-2008.

    National Science Foundation Human and Social Dynamics grant:  LL-MAP:  Language and Location, a Map Annotation Project. A geographical information systems (GIS) project mapping language information to maps, pursued in conjunction with IGRE, U. of Stockholm,  and 5 international archives.  (HSD 0527512,  $750,000).  2005-2008.

    National Science Foundation Grant for The ALL Language Project, a collaborative grant with the Rosetta Project, Stanford U., U. of Pennsylvania, and the Endangered Language Fund.  To create a digital library of educational information on approximately 4000 languages.  (NSDL-0333530:  $97,400).  2003-2005.

    Sun Academic Equipment Grant.  $40,000 grant awarded by Sun Microsystems for the purchase of a Sun Sunfire server for the LINGUIST List.  June, 2003.

    Victoria A. Fromkin Award for Distinguished  Service to the Discipline.  Awarded by the Linguistic Society of America, 2003.

    National Science Foundation Social Sciences Infrastructure Grant for E-MELD: Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Languages Data  (SES-1099652:  $2,242,914.00), 2001-2006.

    National Science Foundation Grant for Workshop on the Digitization of Endangered Languages Data (BCS-1097249:  $40,165),  June , 22-24, 2001

    National Science Foundation Small Grant for Exploratory Research , Database Design for Endangered Languages Data (BCS-0003197: $55,000)June, 2000.

    National Science Foundation Supplementary Grant ($5000), Research Experiences for Undergraduates,  April, 2000

    National Science Foundation Grant: The LINGUIST List Multi-List Support Project (SBR-9975299:  $169,000, 1999-2001 )

    National Science Foundation Supplementary Grant ($5000), Research Experiences for Undergraduates, May 1999.

    National Science Foundation Grant:  Software Development for The LINGUIST List . SBR-9601352: $109,000 ), 1996-97.

    National Science Foundation, Infrastructure Grant  (SBR-9311748:  $4000), 1993-94.

    Recipient (with Helen Aristar Dry) of Special Resolution of Thanks from Linguistic Society of America, for The LINGUIST List.  Winter 1992.