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Subject: Warshington
From: Jeff Stauter

Why do I say ''Warshington'' DC instead of ''Washington'' DC?

As a person who spent much of his life in the Columbia Basin and still
considers Washington his home, I would point out that the proper
pronunciation is "Worshington."

Seriously, I, too, have wondered about the intrusive /r/ in such words. In
dialect work, I have observed it most often in the phonetic frame [a___sh].
Thus, speakers who say "Warshington" or "Worshington" tend also to say
"warsh/worsh" and "squarsh/squorsh" for 'squash'. We do not tend to find
"feersh" for 'fish' or "wursh" for 'whoosh' or "fairshial" for 'facial'. I
suspect that the /r/ results from a degree of pharyngeal constriction that
comes from the need to transition between the low-back articulation of /a/
to the alveopalatal articulation of /sh/. But maybe the articulatory and
instrumental phoneticians can tell us more.

Carl Mills
University of Cincinnati

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> Subject: Warshington
> From: Jeff Stauter
> Why do I say "Warshington" DC instead of "Washington" DC?

Reply From: Mills, Carl (MILLSCR)     click here to access email
Date: Mar-14-2001
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