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Subject: Words for Mother
I am curious why there is a remarkable similarity across different languages in the form of nusery names for parents?e.g.,In Chinese and Navajo ''ma'' corresponds to English ''mama''.
Is it juist a matter of fact on coincident????

The first consonants that babies produce in most of the world's languages are labial consonants (of which of course /m/ as well as /p/ and /b/); the first vowels produced are posterior ones (produced with the tongue somewhat towards the back of the mouth), the most common one being /a/. Generally, babies tend to produce Consonant+ vowel syllables. If you combine these sounds, what you get is ma-ma, pa-pa, ba-ba, etc. Bingo!
Hope this helps!

Reply From: Robert A Papen     click here to access email
Date: Jan-20-2006
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