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Subject: Hallo or Hello Usage in English
Question: Hi, Perhaps you can clear up some confusion about the greetings hallo and hello. My daughter is learning English in school in Germany. Her textbook says that the translation for hallo (Ger.) is hallo (Eng.) and not hello. I have never seen hallo written in the English language. Some dialects in England pronounce hello as hallo, Cockney for example, but it is still written as hello. English is a Germanic language and I can imagine that hallo may have been used for quite some time, but I would still argue it is not standard English used today either in Britain or in the US, or other English speaking countries. Can you provide some explanation why a teacher would use the form hallo and not hello? Is hallo considered standard English? I look forward to your response. Thank you!! Megan
From: Megan Poetzinger
Date: 28-Oct-2010
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