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Subject: Sicilian Language
Question: Researching Sicilian language (not dialects), I have found two ''sub-groups'': 1) Sicilian of the Italo-Dalmatian parent sub-group (also referred to as Calabro-Sicilian or Sicilianu or Siculu) and 2) Sicilian of the Ligurian-Sicilian sub-group. Both are from the Indo-European or Indo-Hittite family. Questions: 1. What is meant by ''parent sub-group''? 2. Is Indo-European the same as Indo-Hittite? 3. Elsewhere, I've found ''Gallo-Sicilian'' listed as a language. Is Gallo- Sicilian the same as Ligurian-Sicilian?
From: Victoria Sferlazza
Date: 10-Aug-2012
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