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Subject: Learning Russian as a Second Language
Question: I want to learn Russian, but the college nearest to my city
does not offer the class. They do have an on-line course, but
have not check into it.

I purcased Pimsleur's CD's to learn Russian, but feel this will
not be adequate. I personally feel I need someone locally who
I can converse with, but I have not found anyone so far.

What do you suggest to assist me in being successful in
learning conversational Russian. My motivation lies in the fact
I hosted Mikhail from Russia this past school year and want to
be able to converse with he and his family in Russian.

Thank for your assistance.

Joel Conley

From: Joel Conley
Date: 29-Aug-2012
  1. Re: Learning Russian as a Second Language    Susan Fischer     (04-Sep-2012)

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