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Subject: How can I teach my language to my 7 year old step daughter?
Question: Hello, I have a girlfriend since 2.5 years and she has a daughter. They are russian, but we live in a french speaking country, so the kid speaks both. At first I started speaking french to her(which I don't really know well). As time passed I learned french a bit better. But now we became more like a family, and I want to start speaking my own language (turkish) to her, so that she learns it. I had few tries, but she mostly rejected, and complained (because she knows I speak french). How should I approach to this subject? Are there any studies on this, that I can read about? Is 7 too late? Should I just be insistent on speaking Turkish?
Reply: I agree with the others. Your relationship with the child matters more than whether she speaks Turkish or not. She has to want to know Turkish. Don't insist. Focus on a good relationship and doing things together. If she hears you speaking Turkish to other people, that's good. Music is good. If she has Turkish-origin friends of her own age that's good. Let her pick up some basic formulae of greetings and 'what is your name'. Don't push her. At 7 she can learn formally, but she has to want to learn. Anthea
Reply From: Anthea Fraser Gupta      click here to access email
Date: 22-Sep-2012
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