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Subject: Case Grammar vs Transformational Grammar
Question: I heard that GTG by Noam Chomsky is already considered as an old
theory, and some people said that that theory is wrong. It makes me
think twice to use that theory for my thesis.

How about case grammar? Is it true that this theory is better that
Transformational grammar?

And where can I find the references via online, because that theory
is not really famous in my country and it is hard to find the

Thank you.

Reply: Semantic relations have been dealt with in many linguistic theories. Within Chomksy's
generative frameworks, so-called transformational generative grammar has been
superseded by more general theories such as the Minimalist Program. The Minimalist
Program is rather heavy going, but I would suggest reading Andrew Radford's latest
book to get a feel for that. Fillmore's original article was published in 1968. The
earliest work within generative theory that dealt with semantic relations appeared in
about 1967 (Jeffrey Gruber's MIT dissertation).

Reply From: Susan D Fischer      click here to access email
Date: 11-Nov-2012
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