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Subject: Tongue Twisters
Question: I was wondering if there is any information about tongue twisters: if specific phonemes cause confusion, if only certain phonemes can be interchanged, etc. I need information from credible sources. Thank you for your time and help!
Reply: To quote David Stampe on Linguist List (
"The state of the art paper [on tongue twisters] is still Larry Schourup's
'Unique New York Unique New York Unique New York', in Papers from the Ninth Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 9) 1973. C. Corum et al eds, pp.587-596.
complete with typological sampler (even the Hare Krishna mantra!), bibliography, and a prosodic/phonological theory of tongue twisters almost general enough to predict the torque implicit in any utterance."
Larry's paper was also mentioned in Arnold Zwicky's Blog:
Reply From: John M. Lawler      click here to access email
Date: 26-Nov-2012
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