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Subject: Second Language Acquisition
Question: Hello. I am a high school student wanting to conduct a simple linguistic science fair project concerning Second Language Acquisition. I have become increasingly fascinated with this scientific discipline. Ultimately, the problem of the science project can be simplified into the following statement: To determine which age group of monolingual English-speaking children (6 -12; 13-19) retains the most amount of Spanish nouns in a time span of five minutes. I was planning to make a video with visuals, the written word, and the spoken selection for the individual to watch. Could you give me some pointers as to what vocabulary words I should choose? What time span is optimal? How long and how many children at a time should be tested? How to test the final material to see how much of it was comprehended? Is Spanish too familiar for most English-speaking children? Your insight and advice is greatly appreciated.
From: Erick Murrer
Date: 11-Dec-2012
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