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Subject: 'I'm done + noun' vs. 'I'm done with noun'
Question: Hi,

Just received this e-mail from one of my teacher interns. Can you help?

Abby wrote:

I noticed MW over at B School asking kids ''Are you done your [homework/sort activity/fill in the blank with a
noun]?'' when what I've always heard before was ''Are you done with [noun]?'' OR just ''Are you done?'' Then I've
also heard her say, ''I'm done my [noun -- ELL class, most recently].'' So I thought it was just a MW thing but then
I've heard other teachers using ''done'' this way too (transitively? intransitively? I forget). So then I thought it was a
Manchester thing. But now I just noticed a friend from Durham using it on facebook. She's another intern. Is it a
UNH thing, I wonder? Do you know anything about this? Have you noticed it, do you use this structure, do you
have any idea where it came from or where it's common now?


From: Judy Sharkey
Date: 15-May-2013
  1. Re: 'I'm done + noun' vs. 'I'm done with noun'    James L Fidelholtz     (15-May-2013)

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