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Subject: Career with Proto-Indo-European
Question: Hello, I was wondering, are there careers available for those who want to work with reconstructing Proto-Indo-European? I've seen texts written on the subject, studied it while receiving my BA in linguistics, but have never heard of careers in the field. Are they out there? How would one go about joining the research teams? Since obviously someone is doing work on the subject. Thank you!
Reply: Yeah, there are `careers available', but in most cases their official labels wouldn't mention Proto-Indo-European specifically. To start with, you'd want to, as Prof. Rowe says, get a Ph.D. in linguistics, specializing in *historical* linguistics. Then you'd want to get a job at some university. Every once in a while, there will be a job-advertisement that explicitly mentions specific interests & expertise in Proto-Indo-European or Indo-European linguistics or something like that. Not many, but they do appear now & then. Then again, while pursuing the work involved in getting the doctorate, you may find your own interests branching out so that, by the time you finish the doctorate, you're really more into either some specific branch of the Indo-European family, say Germanic or Romance or Celtic or Indo-Iranian, or delving into some completely different family such as Austronesian or Algonquian, and there would also be job-ads mentioning specifically those. My recommendation would be, Be flexible. Pursue your interests, and see where they take you, and be prepared for them to take you somewhere that you wouldn't have anticipated.
Reply From: Steven Schaufele      click here to access email
Date: 22-Jul-2013
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