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Subject: The meaning of a suffix in a name
Question: Someone asked me a question that I could not answer. We know that names ending in el concerning Angels, mean ''in God'' or ''of God'', which we take to mean that Angels come from God. Someone gave me the names of Obbieuth and Garnabieuth from an article that they gave me, questioning that these Angel names come not from God, but rather from the Fallen Angels. Since I do not know what the suffix ieuth means, I cannot answer the question, and was hoping that someone with the understanding of the meaning of different languages might be able to solve the riddle with the regard to the meaning of the suffix in the name, so that I might be able to answer the person's question as to what type of Angel the name implies. Thank you so much for your help! Rose Mary
From: R M Cascio
Date: 07-Aug-2013
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