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Subject: About Usage for my thesis
Question: Dear All, I am working on my thesis about Usages with emotions. I'm researching how emotions affect usages. The main resources are from fictions (novels) and corpora. The problem I am confronted with is the difference between ''How are you doing?'' and ''How you doing?''. Here, I want to ask you some questions as experts and native speakers of English. First, do you think ''How you doing?'' is more acceptable or usual than ''How are you doing?''. Secondly, as native speakers, how do you tell the difference emotionally or intuitively between ''How are you doing?'' and ''How you doing?'' ? I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.
Reply: Hi, First, 'How are you doing?' spoken as such (i.e. with each word pronounced), is relatively formal and most probably rarely used in every day speech used with familiars. A more formal greeting would be 'How are you?'. 'How you doing?' (or most probably 'How you doin'?' (where /n/ replaces /ng/) is more expected in normal, everyday, non-formal conversations. Even less formal would be 'Howzzit?' (i.e. short for 'How is it?'). As for acceptability....that's a question of social etiquette and as such varies according to the situation, the participants, the particular dialect being used and a host of other variables. As to your last question concerning 'emotions'....that also varies according to the individual person. For ex. an older person being addressed by a younger person that is a total stranger to him/her could very well be somewhat upset or at least surprised if the younger speaker used 'How you doin'?' But it depends on how 'open' the older person is, whether he/she even hears the difference, how used the older person is to this more colloquial expression, etc. I hope this helps!
Reply From: Robert A Papen      click here to access email
Date: 31-Aug-2013
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