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Subject: About Usage for my thesis
Question: Dear All, I am working on my thesis about Usages with emotions. I'm researching how emotions affect usages. The main resources are from fictions (novels) and corpora. The problem I am confronted with is the difference between ''How are you doing?'' and ''How you doing?''. Here, I want to ask you some questions as experts and native speakers of English. First, do you think ''How you doing?'' is more acceptable or usual than ''How are you doing?''. Secondly, as native speakers, how do you tell the difference emotionally or intuitively between ''How are you doing?'' and ''How you doing?'' ? I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.
Reply: Well, I would say "How you doing" is the most colloquial. I agree with Dr. Papen that "How are you doing" seems odd. I would probably say "How're doing" with a contraction of the copula. However, I am not sure I know anyone who alternates between "How're you doing" /"How you doing" or a third alternate "How ya doin'". All three are informal, so I think a person uses the regional norm. If I said "How you doing", it would be to reference the supposed Brooklyn NY accent (see the character Joey on the U.S. sitcom TV show Friends).
Reply From: Elizabeth J Pyatt      click here to access email
Date: 03-Sep-2013
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