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Subject: Names for children's books
Question: Hello, Your website is very informative and thank you so much for making the information available online. I am writing a children's story book and am not yet settled on the main character's name. Its working title is ''Gerry Giraffe'' and it is aimed at very young children, probably 18 months - 2 year old. Am I correct in assuming that names beginning with English vowels are easier for very young children to pronounce? If this is correct, I wonder what names, either male or female, your panel could suggest I use for the main giraffe character. I am keen that the name can be easily pronounced or at least attempted by a very young child. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards, Elizabeth Flynn
From: Elizabeth Flynn
Date: 17-Sep-2013
  1. Re: Names for children's books    Anthea Fraser Gupta     (17-Sep-2013)

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