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Subject: Help with Hungarian
Question: I am trying to translate stimuli used in a recent experiment (Nemeth et al., 2011 found in PlosOne) into English. This stimuli is in Hungarian and specifically says that each sentence contained 6 words. However, since I do not know Hungarian, I can only use spaces between words to determine word length, and it does not appear that each sentence has 6 words. An example is ''Egy idős néni megállított minket, hogy segítséget kérjen'' which I have translated to ''An old lady stopped to ask us for help.'' Is the original sentence considered to have 6 words, and if so, is there a rule that dictates this? I need to know in order to systematize my new English stimuli and know that I need to use exactly 6 words or if there is some flexibility in my sentence length. Thanks!
From: Kate
Date: 31-Oct-2013
  1. Re: Help with Hungarian    Nancy J. Frishberg     (08-Nov-2013)

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