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Subject: Help with Hungarian
Question: I am trying to translate stimuli used in a recent experiment (Nemeth et al., 2011 found in PlosOne) into English. This stimuli is in Hungarian and specifically says that each sentence contained 6 words. However, since I do not know Hungarian, I can only use spaces between words to determine word length, and it does not appear that each sentence has 6 words. An example is ''Egy idős néni megállított minket, hogy segítséget kérjen'' which I have translated to ''An old lady stopped to ask us for help.'' Is the original sentence considered to have 6 words, and if so, is there a rule that dictates this? I need to know in order to systematize my new English stimuli and know that I need to use exactly 6 words or if there is some flexibility in my sentence length. Thanks!
Reply: Have you considered writing to the authors of this paper? Seems like they'd have an interest in helping you understand and replicate their study with care. You can ask them "Why did you say 6 words?" and "Is a 6 word limit crucial to the successful completion of this study?" and similar questions that may arise. (Like you I'm not a specialist in Hungarian, but I know of no convention which would make spaces between groups of letters be something other than a word.)
Reply From: Nancy J. Frishberg      click here to access email
Date: 08-Nov-2013

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