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Subject: Irish Welsh surname
Question: Hello, I am doing some personal genealogy research so and around 1850 after my family moved to Kentucky from Virginia the Surname changed from Gallahue which I understand is Anglicized from an Irish name of Ó GALLCHÚ to Gollihugh. This spelling change seemed to happen after the death of an ancestor. And I have found some information from reliable sources that indicate that his Wife and Mother of his children was the daughter of welsh immigrants. From what I understand the words hue and Hugh although being pronounced the same, hue is derived from old English and Hugh from welsh. So I guess my question here is would you consider Gollihugh to be a welsh respelling of the name Gallahue?
Reply: These spellings both seem to have been created in the US. Unless you have evidence that your ancestors were literate, I think it likely that both of them are attempts at writing something down that your ancestors had no fixed spelling for, and that the writer was unfamiliar with. As you will have seen in your genealogical research, spellings of names tend to become firmed up once those who have them become literate. Anthea
Reply From: Anthea Fraser Gupta      click here to access email
Date: 07-Dec-2013
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