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Subject: IPA transcription question
Question: One of my co-workers and I are having a disagreement regarding the IPA transcription of the phrase ''Explore the Core''. One thought is that it is transcribed as: ɛkˈsplɔɚ ðə kɔɝ and the other thought is that it is transcribed as: ɪk'splɔɚ ðə kɔɚ. Please let us know the correct transcription (or let us know if we are both wrong). Thanks
Reply: To add to the replies, I would say you are both right...and wrong in your transcription. To address your actual question, either [ɛ] or [ɪ] could be valid depending on dialect and even how carefully the word is pronounced. For the record, the underlying vowel is probably /ɛ/, but in many dialects, vowels in unstressed syllables may be "reduced". This reduced vowel is often transcribed as [ə] (similar to the "u" of "but"). However, in the U.S. there is a pattern that many vowels reduce to [ɨ] which is similar to [ɪ]. I think that's what your co-worker may be trying to transcribe. With so much variation, I see a lot of variant transcriptions in phonetic homework.
Reply From: Elizabeth J Pyatt      click here to access email
Date: 20-Dec-2013
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