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Subject: Consistency-checking manual transcriptions
Question: For languages with no writing system or no very standardized
writing system, are there any tools that support consistency-
checking of manually created transcriptions? For example, I
was reading a text in a grammar for an endangered language,
and the writer had glossed and translated both uwE and iwE as
''2SG/you''; and I wasn't sure if that was intentional or a typo
(iwE was much more frequent in the text than uwE).

If not, how do linguists working with languages without
standardized orthographies achieve transcription consistency,
for approximately phonemic transcriptions?


Reply: What you read may be a typo, or may be a variant form of you/singular (and what
triggers that variation may need to be learned or recorded).

Transcription systems for non-written languages may be developed for either
- creating orthographies for ordinary speakers (writing systems), or
- creating and standardizing transcription conventions for technical specialists
(linguists, language policy developers, school officials, etc.)

Hard to know from your example which audience is intended and whether you've
indeed found a typo.

Reply From: Nancy J. Frishberg      click here to access email
Date: 29-Aug-2012
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