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Subject: Linguist as a Career
Question: I'm undecided if I'm interested in Linguistics and I'm starting
College next year. So I'm wondering what general courses
would be good to take as a freshman in college. I'm planning on
only general studies, but would like to get a better idea of what
courses entails a Linguistic Major.

Reply: I agree with Susan Fischer that our archives have a number of responses to similar

Here's just one of my responses (which I found by searching the archives with a single
term "career" - you might consider other search terms to narrow results better for your
focus): <a href='' target='_blank'></a>;

Each institution determines how many courses in the department are required and how
many from related departments may be added to the required ones. With an interest in
linguistics, it would be wise to consult the individual departments at the institutions
you're considering for their course offerings.

And here's my general suggestion to people preparing for undergraduate studies:
Study what you love as an undergraduate and specialize for a profession at the
graduate level.

Reply From: Nancy J. Frishberg      click here to access email
Date: 26-Sep-2012
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