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Subject: Syntax
Question: Is Transformational Generative Grammar by Noam Chomsky applicable to AAVE (African American Vernacular English? I want to make a thesis for my Bachelor degree. The research question is: What is the difference between standard English and Ebonics using Transformational Generative Grammar? I heard that TGG cannot be applied in vernacular language or dialect. Thank you if you are willing to answer this. Sincerely, Trisha
Reply: Yes, to what John Lawler has already said. T, G, NC, and all the leads on those names. And of course those are only a tiny sample of people who have written about these issues. This is a good time to meet a reference librarian at your college or university, as some of the work on these questions goes back into the dark ages before we had the internet (pre-1971) or the web (pre-1991), and thus, many of the earlier texts were published in analog form. (Some have been scanned or otherwise converted, but not all.) Ask the librarian to help you use "Linguistics and Language Behavior", an abstracting journal in business since the mid-1960s, which lets you know about articles published in easily available, as well as obscure journals on the topic you're interested in (whether it's AAVE syntax or Tongan phonology or brains & language or ....)
Reply From: Nancy J. Frishberg      click here to access email
Date: 30-Oct-2012
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