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Subject: Tongue Twisters
Question: I was wondering if there is any information about tongue twisters:
if specific phonemes cause confusion, if only certain phonemes can
be interchanged, etc. I need information from credible sources. Thank
you for your time and help!

Reply: To quote David Stampe on Linguist List (

<dd>"The state of the art paper [on tongue twisters] is still Larry Schourup's

<dd>'Unique New York Unique New York Unique New York', in <i>Papers from the
Ninth Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society</i> (CLS 9) 1973. C. Corum et al
eds, pp.587-596.

<dd>complete with typological sampler (even the Hare Krishna mantra!), bibliography,
and a prosodic/phonological theory of tongue twisters almost general enough to
predict the torque implicit in <b>any</b> utterance."

Larry's paper was also mentioned in Arnold Zwicky's Blog:
Reply From: John M. Lawler      click here to access email
Date: 26-Nov-2012
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