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Subject: Relationship between Imply/Infer, Throw/Catch
Question: Hello! Is there a term or name for the special relation each of these words has to the other, i.e. imply/infer, throw/catch? I always tell my students ''your verb is aimed in the wrong direction'' but if there is a good linguistic term for this, I'd like to know it. Thanks so much. Cheri Endean Asst. Professor and Interim Director of the Writing Center Kendall College of Art and Design Grand Rapids, MI
Reply: Hi, Cheri, Drs. Fischer & Sampson give good suggestions. Personally, I take such cases to be a sort of antonymy. I should say that I consider antonymy to be rather broader in its implications than most linguists do, following the brilliant article by Ken Hale entitled "A note on a Walbiri tradition of antonymy", in: Semantics : An Interdisciplinary Reader in Philosophy, Linguistics and Psychology, ed. by Steinberg, D. D. & Jakobovits, L. A. (Cambridge U. Press, 1974). An example to illustrate: many speakers of American English use the words 'borrow' and 'lend' with the "opposite" of their dictionary meanings. This is, of course, similar to your examples, but may help explain my 'take' on this question. Antonymy, of course, is in this case just one aspect of the meanings of these verbs. Jim James L. Fidelholtz Graduate Program in Language Sciences Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades Benem'erita Universidad Aut'onoma de Puebla, M'EXICO
Reply From: James L Fidelholtz      click here to access email
Date: 02-Mar-2013
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