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Subject: Picture Writing
Question: I'm trying to track down a system of picture-writing, I think invented by
a Canadian in the 20th c, and I think intended for the use of deaf-
mutes, which is independent of any particular spoken language and
attempts to provide a way of saying anything one might want to purely
via unpronounced written symbols. Unfortunately I cannot remember
the name (otherwise Google would take me straight to it). Can any
panelist help, please?

Geoff Sampson

Reply: Geoff,
Herb is probably right, that you're thinking of Blissymbolics or Bliss Symbols. I think it
was even invented in UK. I recently heard a podcast about the inventor (named, of
course, Bliss), which you can hear here:
became-bliss/. (RadioLab is one of my favorite podcasts) Your search might have been
hampered by your use of the term "deaf-mute;" The mute part has gone out of
fashion, particularly since the vast majority of deaf people have nothing wrong with
their vocal tracts.
Reply From: Susan D Fischer      click here to access email
Date: 18-Mar-2013
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