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Subject: Cognitive Science Programs
Question: A very good undergraduate student of mine is looking for cognitive
science graduate programs with a connection to bilingualism issues.
She is in linguistics with a minor in psychology. Would anyone be
able to help in pointing out programs that combine cognitive
science and linguistics? Thank you.

Reply: Hi, John,

I think that nowadays you'd have a hard time finding a good
doctoral program (or even masters) in linguistics that does *not*
combine Cognitive Science with linguistics. Even my old stomping
grounds, MIT, the cradle of formalism, now seems to do so. So the
issue seems to be what is meant by CS, which apparently runs the
gamut of possibilities, from studying brain section structures to
doing old-fashioned structural linguistics. Once you tease out
what each program means by 'CS' (if they even bother to define
it), you can advise your student more cogently.

Btw, I don't call myself a cognitive scientist, although some of
my best linguistic friends [parse that however you wish] consider
me that, and I certainly consider myself a *scientist* (I was,
after all, trained as one: my S. B. is in Mathematics, *the*
science--especially if you ask a mathematician).

Not much help, I'm afraid, but with luck other Panel members will
give you answers closer to what you are looking for.


James L. Fidelholtz
Graduate Program in Language Sciences
Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
Benem'erita Universidad Aut'onoma de Puebla, M'EXICO
Reply From: James L Fidelholtz      click here to access email
Date: 09-May-2013
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