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Subject: Cognitive Science Programs
Question: A very good undergraduate student of mine is looking for cognitive
science graduate programs with a connection to bilingualism issues.
She is in linguistics with a minor in psychology. Would anyone be
able to help in pointing out programs that combine cognitive
science and linguistics? Thank you.

Reply: I think most cognitive science programs include linguistics; how much may depend on
the structure of the university, the history of the program, and the strengths or
inclinations of the faculty. I would look for a program in a university that has a fairly
strong linguistics department, as well as a good cognitive psychology program.
Questions to ask would include how often faculty talk to each other across disciplines,
how much students are encouraged to dabble in related fields, It is difficult to give
concrete recommendations about specific programs.
Reply From: Susan D Fischer      click here to access email
Date: 09-May-2013
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