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Subject: Syntagme
Question: Someone has asked about this word on this site, but I didn't understand the answer. And I can't translate the word. Nor can the Compuserv Writer's Forum, but they did find Ask A Linguist (which has caused all sorts of excitement among the writers).. Syntagme Used in this context: ''First the relative order of the two elements excludes, at least for the francophones, such an interpretation of the syntagme.'' What does syntagme mean? It seems to be a word used to describe how words are placed? Thanks for any help you can give!
Reply: Elizabeth has it right! 'syntagme' simply means 'phrase' or 'constituent phrase', so SN (syntagme nominal) in French is equivalent to NP (noun phrase) in English, and so on...It comes from them Greek 'suntagma' which means 'syntax'.
Reply From: Robert A Papen      click here to access email
Date: 22-Jul-2013
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