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Subject: An elusive word
Question: Good evening. For years I have been searching for the word which describes the following action: * two people who, upon accidentally meeting face-to-face as they walk towards each other, move left then right then left again in a comical yet unsuccessful attempt to bypass one another. Please put me out of my misery. Regards Michael
Reply: `Polkadodge' seems like an especially good word for this kind of thing! Just to follow up on what Prof. Gupta suggests, I've recently published a science-fiction novel, _Another Think Coming_ (available from Amazon), that includes some speculations about words used in 23rd-century English, including `itinement': `one of several homes maintained & occupied by one person, who uses one of them at some times and another at other times'; `postpare': `after a failed attempt, examine what went wrong, or at least what can be improved'; `provinstify': `justify doing something one hadn't expected or hoped to have opportunity to do; provide an unexpected opportunity to do something in addition to what one was mainly concerned about doing'.
Reply From: Steven Schaufele      click here to access email
Date: 24-Jul-2013
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