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Subject: 'Stay' for 'Live'
Question: I'm curious about the origin and distribution of the use of ''stay'' in AAVE/BEV where SAE uses ''live'', as in ''I stay at aunt's house'' or ''My family stays in Detroit''. This is standard usage among Detroit blacks, but I'm curious about: -- Is it mostly limited to black/POC or urban communities? -- Is it in usage outside of Detroit and if so, where else? -- Are there any opinions about its origin? Googled conversations and Urban Dictionary seem to be of the opinion that it relates to the relative transience of the urban black population, but I'm not convinced. Thanks for any information.
Reply: This is a very late reply (my apologies). To answer your question, the verb "stay" meaning 'to live' is a documented feature of AAVE. It is specifically mentioned in Lisa J. Green's "African-American English: A Linguistic Introduction" (a book I recommend to anyone interested in AAVE). According to one her notes, "stay" is used in other locations such as New York City. P.S. I would also recommend "African American English" by Mufweme, Rickford, Bailey and Balogh. Both books are in paperback at Amazon. The price is over $45 for a new copy (cheap for academia), but can also be found cheaper in used versions or Kindle.
Reply From: Elizabeth J Pyatt      click here to access email
Date: 25-Jul-2013
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