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Subject: Linguist = doctorate in linguistics?
Question: Are ESL instructors with masters in linguistics considered linguists, or is the title of linguist reserved only for those holding doctorate degrees in linguistics? Who can legitimately be referred to as a linguist?
Reply: I would add that there is a social dimension to the use of the word "linguist." In my department, an English department, we have a doctoral program in linguistics. We've produced linguists who focus on theoretical, descriptive, and a wide range of applied topics. More and more our students are interested in TESOL and Second Language Acquisition. As far as our colleagues in literature, English education, and creative writing are concerned, we are all linguists, theoretical and applied alike, a distinction that is frequently lost on those outside the field. Students in our MATESOL program tend to be lumped together with students in other areas as linguists. But the particular university culture does make a difference in usage.
Reply From: Herbert Frederic Stahlke      click here to access email
Date: 05-Dec-2013
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