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Subject: Linguist = doctorate in linguistics?
Question: Are ESL instructors with masters in linguistics considered linguists, or is the title of linguist reserved only for those holding doctorate degrees in linguistics? Who can legitimately be referred to as a linguist?
Reply: Personally, I tend towards the view that anybody who is *sincerely* interested in language (as opposed to having an ax to grind, to `requiring' that language -- either language in general or any particular language -- be a certain way, as opposed to some other way or -- saints & angels preserve us! -- the way it *really* is) and devotes a lot of his or her time & energy to issues of language can be called a `linguist'. If pressed, I might use the term `academic linguist' to describe e.g. myself, implying a distinction with those of a more `practical' bent. If anything in this area bothers me, it's mostly the notion that `linguist' = `polyglot', that being a `linguist' *means* knowing a lot of different languages, and that knowing a lot of different languages is the only criterion required for the label `linguist'.
Reply From: Steven Schaufele      click here to access email
Date: 05-Dec-2013
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