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Subject: 1880s Roane County dialect examples
Question: I am preparing for a role of a character that lived in the late 1800s in Roane County, Tennessee. My search for sound resources has come up dry, and I am afraid I may not be knowledgeable enough about your search system to know the search terms that might bring up an already answered question. At least I was not able to come up with any that brought up anything. I am hoping to find video or audio files of accents that may help me give an authentic performance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Reply: You may want to contact Vasta (Voice and Speech Trainers Association), a network specialised in voice, accents and speech dedicated to actors and professional voice users: Their archives and resources might also be of use to you, now and in future. Madalena
Reply From: Madalena Cruz-Ferreira      click here to access email
Date: 14-Dec-2013
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