A letter from Student Editor Amy Brunett on her rewarding experiences at LINGUIST

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

LINGUIST List keeps you on your feet. It has been three years since I started
working here now, and each year I have something new to tell you, some new
adventure to share with you. The first time I wrote to you it was to tell you
about my fieldwork experiences in Chiapas, Mexico and making a map from it for the
LL-MAP project (llmap.org). The second time I wrote you had to do with creating a
small online lexicon for LEGO http://lego.linguistlist.org). It is well known now
that LINGUIST List is a training ground for students. So what do I have to share
with you this time?

In addition to my responsibilities as a team leader for LL-MAP, I have begun
working on the ELCat team. Having seen a project start from scratch and having
watched it develop into a thorough and comprehensive resource on endangered
languages, I am so proud to say that I had a part in it. Other opportunities this
year I had were to learn video and audio editing for upcoming vlogs, tutorials and
videos on our youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/user/linguistlist). The
research and applied skills I have learned this semester are remarkable.

If it wasn’t for our subscribers this wouldn’t be possible! LINGUIST List provides
students with a perspective that goes well beyond the classroom. Consider donating


Kind regards,

Amy Brunett
Student Editor

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