A Compendium of ELCat Press Coverage

The Endangered Languages Project, home of LINGUIST List and University of Hawai’i's Catalogue of Endangered Languages (ELCat) project, has been getting far more press than we here at LINGUIST are accustomed to.  We’re very excited at the prospect of so much attention to the issue of language endangerment, and are hoping it will raise public awareness and involvement in documentation and preservation efforts.  Below, in no particular order, are some of the articles we’ve run across in media outlets around the world.  If you find an article on the project that we’ve missed, feel free to leave a comment!

U.S.-based Newspapers and Media Outlets:

(Many more articles after the cut – click “Continue Reading”)

International News Outlets:


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  1. David Dawson says:

    I saw that google is really taking up some good advertising for you on their homepage. Good work! It’s all about raising awareness, about the diminishing languages across the world :)

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