What’s The LINGUIST List, anyway?

The LINGUIST List may be best known for its venerable (founded 1990, at the daybreak of the Internet) and gigantic (26,000 subscribers and counting) mailing list.  It’s also known for its website, which serves as the hub of academic linguistics worldwide (with information on conferences, jobs, publications, and much more).  Maybe it’s also famed as a pioneering institution in research and application of internet technology to the field of linguistics, or a bold innovator in the creation of cyberinfrastructure and standards for digital language data.  We certainly hope that’s what people think of us.

The LINGUIST List is, in short, a resource for linguists to find information, share knowledge, and communicate with one another about the field.

Okay, what’s this blog for?

The LLBlog is a way for the LINGUIST List team to share updates relating to our many projects, as well as news about the operations of LINGUIST List and its parent organization, the Institute for Language Information and Technology (ILIT).  We simply get so excited when adding a cool new feature to LL-MAP, or posting a new lexicon to LEGO, or buying donuts for the office, that we must share it with the world.  Here on LLBlog you will be kept apprised of the very latest happenings within the LINGUIST spheres.








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