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MultiTree Project in Bloom

An impressive fourty-four new trees were added to the MultiTree database this summer, from language groupings including SinoTibetan, Niger-Congo, Khoisan, Tai-Kadai, Trans New Guinea, Austronesian, Indo-European, and language families in the Americas. The details of the new trees are given below, … Continue reading

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LL-MAP around the world

The LL-MAP project has  been a hub of activity this summer. Our team of graduate students conducted internal training workshops in May and June to train incoming interns on mapmaking using Global Mapper and the LL-MAP uploader, and our team … Continue reading

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Upcoming Language Mapping Workshop: An Introduction to the LL-MAP Scholar’s Workbench

The Institute for Language Information and Technology (ILIT) at Eastern Michigan University invites any interested students and faculty for a mapping tutorial on April 13, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. in Halle Library Room 111. This tutorial will introduce the LL-MAP database … Continue reading

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LL-MAP/ICE article in Witness the Arctic newsletter now available

Witness the Arctic, the newsletter from the Arctic Research Consortium of the US (ARCUS), features a story in the winter 2011 edition on LL-MAP’s ICE (Integrating Cartographic Elements) project, which focuses on creating digital maps of polar regions. Read the … Continue reading

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LINGUIST around the world

Here at LINGUIST, we are proud of our worldwide readership (we currently have subscribers from 99 countries and visits to our website from over 180 countries), and we like to display pictures of our friends and supporters wearing their LINGUIST … Continue reading

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Internships at the LINGUIST List – Application Deadline approaching!

Every year, promising students in linguistics are selected for summer internships at the LINGUIST List to work on projects in language technology. The deadline for LINGUIST List’s 2012 summer internship applications is nearly upon us.  Applications and transcripts should be … Continue reading

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