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Full Title: Workshop: Grammatical Variation within Standard Varieties of Pluricentric Languages

Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Start Date: 22-Jul-2013 - 27-Jul-2013
Contact: Martin Businger
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Meeting Description: Pluricentric languages exhibit regional variation on all linguistic levels. However, while differences on the phonetic and the lexical level are highly salient and perceived easily, differing structures on the morphological or syntactical level frequently pass unnoticed. As a result, linguistic discourse on pluricentric languages is often restricted to the former two levels. In contrast, this workshop will focus on the variation of syntax and morphology, addressing questions and topics regarding standard varieties of pluricentric languages like the following:

- Is grammatical variation within a standard language as prevalent as lexical or phonetic variation?
- Is morphological variation more likely to occur than syntactic variation or vice versa? Why?
- Does (near-)symmetry between the centres of a pluricentric language facilitate grammatical variation?
- What is the (empirical and theoretical) status of relative variants (variants that occur throughout the language area, but that are more frequent in one centre than in others) as opposed to absolute variants (variants that can be attested in some areas only)?
- How does language contact increase grammatical variation within pluricentric languages?

Furthermore, we will deal with methodological issues concerning research on grammatical variation within the standard varieties of pluricentric languages, in particular, but not exclusively, with the following questions:

- How are grammatical variants of a standard language to be distinguished from ‘grammar errors’, based on, e.g., dialectal interference? How can standard and sub-standard varieties of pluricentric languages be differentiated?
- How can the use of large electronic corpora provide new insights into grammatical variation within standard languages?
- What steps will have to be taken to improve the state of documentation of less studied pluricentric languages?

Confirmed speaker: Prof. Dr. Joachim Scharloth, Dokkyo University. Prof. Scharloth will give a lecture about data-driven approaches in corpus linguistic grammar research.

This workshop is organised by Martin Businger and Susanne Oberholzer, University of Zurich.
Linguistic Subfield: Sociolinguistics; Syntax; Text/Corpus Linguistics
LL Issue: 23.2799

This is a session of the following meeting:
19th International Congress of Linguists

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