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Full Title: ‘Minding the Gap: On Bridges, Breaches, and Borders’

Location: Buffalo, NY, USA
Start Date: 11-Oct-2013 - 12-Oct-2013
Contact: Greg Przybyla
Meeting Email: click here to access email
Meeting Description: ‘Minding the Gap: On Bridges, Breaches, and Borders’
University at Buffalo 2013 Graduate Student Conference
Keynote speaker: TBA

In reference to the preamble of the Constitution of the United States, President Barack Obama proclaimed in his 2013 Inaugural Address that ‘[t]oday we continue a never-ending journey to bridge the meaning of those words (‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’) with the realities of our time’. Meant to underline the necessity of establishing continuity between the ideals and dreams of the Founding Fathers with the reality that challenges us today, President Obama’s statement is one shared not only by the people of the United States, but by people and nations across the globe.

While President Obama’s statement stresses the importance of linking the thoughts and ideas of a not-so-distant past to the goals of the present, one must take into account other uses of the bridge, which has served as an increasingly useful and indispensable tool throughout history. From the defunct Bering Strait Land Bridge which served as an early migratory passage for both man and animal alike, to the World Wide Web, which seemingly connects all ends of the globe, the ubiquity of the bridge requires constant contemplation on our behalf so as to garner a more in-depth understanding of its nature.
Linguistic Subfield: General Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics
LL Issue: 24.1726

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