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Full Title: Workshop: Non-overt Subjects in a Cross-linguistic Perspective

Location: Salzburg, Austria
Start Date: 22-Nov-2013 - 24-Nov-2013
Contact: Imke Mendoza
Meeting Email: click here to access email
Meeting Description: Non-overt subjects have always been a puzzle for the description and analysis of natural languages. Their adequate treatment has become an issue of long-running debates within different theoretical frameworks of linguistics.

There are different kinds of non-overt subjects. Apart from subjects which are omitted owing to their topical status, the most obvious case is the phenomenon of pro-drop which has attracted a great deal of attention particularly in generative research. Then, there are constructions which apparently lack a ‘real’ subject NP, traditionally labelled as ‘impersonal’ or ‘subjectless constructions’. At least some of them also have been analyzed as comprising a zero subject. However, these cases are less clear-cut, since the constructions in question often allow for alternative descriptions, like possessing a non-canonical subject or being a genuine subjectless structure. Naturally, the actual analysis of a given construction depends on the definition of subject, the theoretical framework and the grammatical features of the respective language.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss the diachronic and systematic relations between the different types of non-overt subjects from various theoretical and empirical angles.

The workshop is hosted by the 40th Austrian Conference on Linguistics (40. Österreichische Linguistiktagung, November 22-24 in Salzburg, Austria).
Linguistic Subfield: General Linguistics
LL Issue: 24.2417

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