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Conference Information

Full Title: Linguistic Markers of Intensity and Inter-Subjectivity

Location: Champ sur Marne, France, France
Start Date: 27-Jun-2014 - 27-Jun-2014
Contact: Lionel Dufaye
Meeting Email: click here to access email
Meeting URL:
Meeting Description: Linguistic Markers of Intensity and Inter-subjectivity

The linguists of the research labs LISAA and IMAGER at the University of Eastern Paris (Créteil and Marne campuses) are proud to organize a one day conference on the expression of intensity as a means to express enunciative stance being either from the speaker to his/her utterance or from the speaker to the addressee. This topic is understood as the interface between expressing modality and the identification of subjectivity and/or inter-subjectivity.

Any approach which might contribute to this debate will be considered. Studies may include (but are not limited to): the study of prosody, contrastive analysis, markers of modality (appreciative and/or epistemic), pragmatic factors, questions of language acquisition, etc.

An interest could be directed towards the emergence of markers in spoken language or in “oral” language registers (e.g. CMC, text messages, memos…). Other studies of interest which address different scales of intensity are also pertinent, such as studies on attenuating, hedging (eg. You could at least say thank you), high intensity (eg. What a three long days we’ve had!), litotes (eg. Il est un peu marié si tu vois ce que je veux dire…), graduative aspect particles (eg. Ich habe ja gar keinen Kontakt mehr mit dem Volk) , as well as studies concerning these markers as observed in stages of first and second language acquisition.

Date and place of conference: 27th June 2014, at the University of Eastern Paris – Marne.

RER A Noisy-Champs, Cité Descartes, Bâtiment Copernic. Conference rooms and lecture halls will be communicated later.

Local Organizing Committee:

Hillary Bays, UPEM, EA IMAGER, LIDIL 12 :
Lionel Dufaye, UPEM, EA LISAA, G.L.
Comité scientifique
Agnès Leroux (Paris X)
Anne Trévise (Paris X)
Aliyah Morgenstern (Paris 3)
Christine Copy (UPPA)
Eric Corre (Paris 3)
Eric Gilbert (UniCaen)
Jean Albrespit (UPPA)
Laurent Perrin (UPEC)
Lucie Gournay (UPEC)
Philip Miller (Paris Diderot)
Stéphanie Béligon (UPEM)
Thérèse Robin (UPEC)
Valérie Bourdier (UPEC)
Mark Gray (UPEC)
Linguistic Subfield: General Linguistics
LL Issue: 25.614

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