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Full Title: Bias in Auditory Perception

Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Start Date: 18-Sep-2014 - 20-Sep-2014
Contact: Marjoleine Sloos
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Meeting Description: The Interacting Minds Centre (Aarhus University, Denmark) organises a conference about the role of expectation in auditory perception in general, with a special focus on bias in speech perception. The conference will have a highly interdisciplinary character. We strive to bring together cognitive scientists, (applied) linguists, language therapists, psychologists, philosophers, and musicologists who are interested in auditory perception.

Human perception is biased by previous experiences, beliefs, knowledge, and presuppositions. Research on perceptional bias is approached from different angles, e.g. cross-modal perception, the influence of social categorization, the role of stereotypes, (socio-) linguistic context, the influence of emotions, or the contribution of different sorts of information. Much experimental investigation has been carried out in order to get more insight into biased perception. However, relatively few of these studies concentrate on auditory perception. Currently, we observe an increasing interest in bias in speech perception, showing that identification of speech sounds can be influenced by the information the listener has at her disposal (which might be justified or not). Among the factors that play a role in biased speech perception may be: age, gender, the overall dialect or ethnolect, sexual orientation, and ethnic background of the speaker. Growing evidence shows that also professional linguists are susceptible to speech bias, which potentially has important impact on linguistics analyses (for instance in dialectology and fieldwork). Moreover, auditory bias may lead to misjudgement by evaluators in speech therapy, second language evaluation, or asylum requests, which may have a serious impact on the speaker who is evaluated.

Ocke Bohn (University of Aarhus)
Katie Drager (University of Hawaii)
Andreas Roepstorff (University of Aarhus)
Linguistic Subfield: Philosophy of Language; Phonetics; Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics
LL Issue: 25.1216

The following session(s) will be held during this meeting:
Bias in Speech Perception

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