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Full Title: 1st Tunisian International Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop

Location: Hammamet, Tunisia
Start Date: 26-Mar-2015 - 28-Mar-2015
Contact: Akila Baklouti
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Meeting Description: Since its advent in the 1960s, Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) has tried to “provide something to think with, a framework of related concepts that can be drawn on in many different contexts where there are problems that turn out to be, when investigated, essentially problems of language” Halliday (2009: viii). In fact, SFL has attracted the attention of scholars in a wide range of domains who have used it as a theoretical resource to analyze various types of texts, describe a significant number of languages and offer theoretical explications of how language and other semiotic systems work. The continual progress and evolution of SFL as a fully developed linguistic theory has made of it more than just an efficient analytic tool as it has gained the power to contribute to the development of many domains, ranging from those which are theory-oriented such as (Critical) Discourse Analysis, and Computational Linguistics to those which are quite practical where problems have to be solved, such as Language Learning and Teaching and Clinical Applications, to cite a few.

Thanks to this functional orientation and this “daring to develop appliable linguistics when application was a sign of theoretical impurity” (Matthiessen, 2014), SFL has raised theoretical debates with other formally/structurally-oriented accounts/theories of language. This dialogical interaction with other theories can be seen not only as sign of complementarity, as it is “unlikely that any one account of language will be appropriate for all purposes” (Halliday, 1994), but also as evidence for this complex phenomenon that has intrigued linguists and philosophers since the ancient Greek times: Language.

Upon this rests the theme of the conference with the aim of bringing together researchers from different fields to contribute to the debate on the SFL Applications (appliability of SFL analytic framework to other disciplines) and Implications (theoretical interaction with other theories).
Linguistic Subfield: General Linguistics; Linguistic Theories
LL Issue: 25.2625

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