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Full Title: Mapping Possible Worlds: Modality Across Linguistic Categories
Location: Paris, France
Start Date: 17-Oct-2014 - 17-Oct-2014
Contact: Pierre-Yves Modicom
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Meeting Description: The junior conference on Modality organized at the Paris Sorbonne University with the support of the Ciera (Interdisciplinary Group for French-German cooperation in the Humanities) is intended to bring together French- and German-speaking researchers from various theoretical backgrounds. Formal semanticists, language philosophers, typologists and philologists are welcome to exchange their views on modal meanings across theoretical boundaries.

Traditionally, linguistic research on modality has been focused on two word classes (parts of speech): modal verbs (e.g. Fr. pouvoir, devoir, Ger. können, müssen, sollen) and adverbial markers such as modal particles (Ger. ja, doch...) or modal sentence adverbials (Fr. sûrement, probablement, Ger. wahrscheinlich, sicher, bestimmt). In the last years, however, researchers have crossed these boundaries and studied modal meanings in other lexical and syntactic classes, such as adjective phrases or NPs/DPs.

Semantic boundaries have also been questioned. Modality sometimes seems to be an emerging, secondary phenomenon correlated to aspectual or temporal values, but also to existential presuppositions triggered by quantifiers or even to diathesis.

The conference will welcome contributions addressing these challenges for the theory of modality. The aim is to gather insights from all disciplinary (sub)fields on modality at the interfaces between several domains. The phenomena we are concerned with involve, but are not restricted to, modal constructions involving several parts of speech, non-canonical expressions of modality or emerging modal meanings, both in synchrony and in diachrony.


Pierre-Yves Modicom & Grégory Nardozza (both CELISO / U. Paris Sorbonne)


Advisory Committee, in Alphabetical Order:

Prof. Dr. Werner Abraham (LMU Munich), Prof. Martine Dalmas (CELISO / U. Paris Sorbonne), Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Leiss (LMU Munich), Dr. Hélène Vinkel-Roisin (CELISO / U. Paris Sorbonne).

With the support of Prof. W. Rotgé (chair, CELISO) et J.-P. Bartoli (chair, Sorbonne graduate school Concepts et Langages).
Linguistic Subfield: General Linguistics; Semantics; Syntax; Typology
LL Issue: 25.2696

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