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Conference Information

Full Title: 15th International Pragmatics Conference

Short Title: IPrA2017
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Start Date: 16-Jul-2017 - 21-Jul-2017
Contact: Jef Verschueren
Meeting Email: click here to access email
Meeting URL:
Meeting Description: This 15th edition of the International Pragmatics Conferences has as its special theme: ''Pragmatics in the real world''

Pragmatics is underpinned by the idea that language use is a form of social action with real world consequences tied to the specific context of language use. Different theoretical perspectives under a broad conception of pragmatics articulate the notion of social action differently and hence arrive at differing perspectives on the relationships both between language and other forms of social action and between language use and conceptions of context. The insights provided by pragmatics research into the essential connections between language use, context and social action facilitate detailed understanding of real world contexts, practices and institutions. Simultaneously, analyses of pragmatic aspects of language in real world settings have been shown to inform our theoretical understanding of the relationships between language, meaning, context and social action.

The special theme is related to a number of branches of research, including:

- Language and Politics
- Language in Forensic Settings
- Language and Education
- Language and Health
- Language in Clinical Settings
- Language and Social Change
- Language and Social Media
- Language and Identity

In addition to the special theme, the conference is open to all topics relevant to linguistic pragmatics in its broadest sense as the interdisciplinary (cognitive, social, cultural) science of language use.

Confirmed plenary speakers:

Peter Auer (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)
Deborah Cameron (University of Oxford)
Colleen Cotter (Queen Mary University of london)
John Heritage (University of California at Los Angeles)
Elizabeth Stokoe (Loughborough University)
Li Wei (University College London)
John Wilson (University of Ulster)
Linguistic Subfield: Pragmatics
LL Issue: 27.2737

The following session(s) will be held during this meeting:
Intercultural Pragmatics and Cultural Linguistics
The Pragmatics of Change in Therapy and Related Formats
Tensions within the Repertoire of Prescribed, Prestige, and Non-prestige Forms
Student Mobility and Pragmatic Competence
Political Humor as Social Action
Financial literacy - a Key to the Real World
Constructing Ordinariness across Media Genres
Activities in Interaction
Multimodal (Im)politeness
(Pragmatics) Personal and Collective Identities in Populist Discourse
Multimodality and Diversity in Chinese Interaction
Going Viral: the Socio-pragmatics of Iconic Communication in a Shared World
Evidentiality: Discourse-Pragmatic Perspectives
Complimenting Behaviour in Social Media
Address Forms Across Cultures
Multimodal Turn-Taking
Digital Identities, Conflict, and (Im)politeness
Gender, Regional and Generational Varieties in Japan
From Self to Culture: Identity Construction in Humour
Stance-taking in Educational Contexts
Laughing at the 'Other': Critical Pragmatic Insights
Trickery, Cheating, and Deceit in Language Play
Beyond the Myth of Journalistic Storytelling. Why a Narrative Approach to Journalism Falls Short
Knowing Me and Knowing You: Reference and Identity Markers in Public Discourse
Teaching Formulaic Language to L2 Learners
The Pragmatics of Place: (Post)colonial Perspectives
What Really Happened: Investigating Investigative Journalism
Deixis in Discourse
Position and Stance in Politics
The New Normal: Impoliteness in Digital Communication
Self-Presentation and Self-Praise
CMC Pragmatics in L2 Discourse
Films in Translation – all is not lost: Pragmatics and Audiovisual Translation as Cross-cultural Mediation
Exploring Identities through Humor
(Pragmatics) Beyond Verbal Communication
Pragmatics and Constructions
Language, Gender and Cognition
Pragmatic Approaches to Literary Analysis
Construal of Person in Interaction: a Cross-Linguistic Comparison
Linguistic Expressions and Devices that Yield the Implicature of Cause and Effect

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